udrive B&E Trailer Training

B&E Trailer Training

U Drive now offers car trailer training for those people who passed their driving test on or after 1st January 1997 and need to obtain their B+E trailer entitlement on their licence, to legally tow above 750kg (The 750KG is weight of trailer + weight of items in trailer)

For those people who passed their driving test before January 1997, U drive can offer training skills to tow, hitch and unhitch safely as well as improving your driving skill whilst towing.


Why use U Drive?

U Drive is a professional organisation with fully qualified DSA driving instructors that have completed all their DSA teaching exams to the highest standards. This is your assurance that the training you receive is both professionally presented and delivered, ensuring the essential towing skills to pass the DVLA test, are obtained quickly and safely with the desired outcome of a first time pass.

  • One to One tuition, unless group training is requested by an organisation.
  • Local Instructors with local test area knowledge.
  • Flexible learning packages, with ‘Pay As You Learn’ or concentrated 1 to 3 day intensive courses.
  • Friendly approachable instructors ensuring enjoyable learning.


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