Instructor: Aida Kristutiene

udrive driving instructor Aida Kristutiene
  • LOCATIONS: Peterborough
  • WHO AM I: Driving Instructor
  • CAR USED: Peugeot 208
  • LOCAL TEL NUMBER: 01733 530067
  • EMAIL:

Learner: Naiden Mundin-Foxley

Pass Date: August 2017

 Kelvina was an amazing instructor couldnt of done enough for me, helped me pass my test with test with one minor. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn to drive

posted on: 22 August 2017

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Learner: Monika Ubartaite

Pass Date: February 2015

Aida was a wonderful and brilliant driving instructor in Peterborough, who taught me the skills required throughout my entire learning experience. I would recommend Aida to absolutely everyone, as she was so kind and patient with me when I made mistakes. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was extremely terrified and anxious, however Aida gave me the confidence and skills needed to be comfortable whilst driving. Aida also provides great methods of teaching which suits the individual and has amazing skills at explaining situations and procedures on the road. I was able to pass my test with only two minors which I am extremely happy and pleased about and I will be eternally grateful to Aida for being a patient, kind and excellent instructor. 

posted on: 23 February 2015

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Learner: Sviatlana Sobaleva

Pass Date: January 2015

Aida was the best driving instructor - patient and calm, always smily and polite even when I made mistakes. I didn't expect that I could learn everything in only few months - from finding biting point to all those crazy roundabouts! Now i'm so confidant and it's all thanks to Aida. I am so grateful to her for everything she has done to make sure I pass test. I can't recommend her highly enough.

posted on: 13 February 2015

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Learner: Natalija Chomusiak

Pass Date: January 2015

Aida is an excellent and thoughtful instructor who offers easy and straightforward  training. She has helped me gain a better understanding of the rules on the road and how to best avoid  dangerous situations and accidents by means of safe driving. I have passed the driving test on my first attempt and I owe this success to Aida. I would highly recommend Aida as a driving instructor if you wish to learn how to drive safely and confidently.

posted on: 11 February 2015

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My name is Aida I am 46 years old, I have 24 years worth of driving experience and has worked as an approved driving instructor since 2008. 


I have 3 grown up children, all of them I taught to drive and the eldest is a driving instructor as well.  I have a big live experience of teaching different subjects and I love this job.


I am fluently speak in 3 different languages:

English, Lithuanian and Russian. 

I also speak some Polish and understand some Slovak and Czech.


I have lived in London for 13 years and I was teaching people in the busiest areas of East London. During my time as a driving instructor I have enjoyed helping hundreds of people from 17-68 of age.  

I realise that being relaxed and happy whilst learning to drive is so important and provides the perfect base for confidence building and development. 

I moved to Peterborough in 2014 and looking forward to building up my portfolio of passes in Peterborough area. 


I am a patient,  friendly understanding and considerate person, which reflects on my driving instructions. My credo: "Keep calm what ever happens!”


I love my job as it allows me to meet and teach people from different backgrounds and of course it gives me a huge sense of achievement when they pass their test. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, also I love traveling and do some voluntary work. 


I shall look forward to teaching you how to drive, please contact to book a lessons or for more information. 

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