Instructor: Caroline Hartshorn

udrive driving instructor Caroline Hartshorn
  • LOCATIONS: Loughborough / Melton Mowbray / Leicester
  • WHO AM I: Automatic Driving Instructor
  • CAR USED: Automatic Ford Focus
  • LOCAL TEL NUMBER: 07944878779
  • EMAIL:

Learner: Sarah Lapworth

Pass Date: November 17

I was taught by Caroline, I passed my test for the first time with only 3 minors after having lessons for just over 5 months. I was a very nervous driver, I had put off learning to drive for over 10 years. Caroline instantly put me at ease. She explains everything very well, is patient and easy to talk to. I will actually miss my lessons that's how much I enjoyed them! All in all a brilliant instructor and lovely lady.
Thank you again Caroline!

posted on: 16 November 2017

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Learner: Katrina

Pass Date: March 2017

"I would be delighted to recommend Caroline to anyone who is thinking of taking up Driving Lessons in loughborough. From the very first lesson I was made to feel very comfortable and she helped put me at ease. Throughout my lessons my confidence evolved and my driving skills progressed. She has shown me how to drive safely and taught me at a high standard which enabled me to pass first time. Thank you so much for you time and patience.

posted on: 12 May 2017

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Learner: Matt Smith

Pass Date: Feb 2017

After a period without lessons following a bad experience, I started driving lessons with Caroline in Loughborough. 
Booking lessons was easy as caroline is very accommodating and easy to talk to.
Immediately I found the atmosphere of the lessons much more relaxed and comfortable than previous instructors, which lends itself to a calmer, more productive lesson.
Progress isn't rushed however if ready to move on, you are not held back like I have found with numerous past instructors
Brilliant instructor; polite, considerate and knowledgeable.
Would certainly recommend without a moments hesitation.

posted on: 12 May 2017

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Learner: Carl

Pass Date: January 2017

Caroine got me through my test first time and very quickly. Caroline was helpful and informative on lessons, picking up on errors and helping to address them before they became habit. I always felt like I was making progress in every lesson and they were always a laugh. So if you needing Automatic Driving lessons in Loughborough then give Caroline a call
> Hope that's okay! Lots of love xx

posted on: 12 May 2017

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Learner: Alice Wheeler

Pass Date: April 2017

Pass Date: Not passed yet...but will be soon :)

Thanks for a review from Alice who is currently taking driving lessons in Loughborough with driving instructor Caroline. Keep up the great driving and hope to hear back from you once you have passed your driving test. 

Thanks the U Drive team...


brilliant teaching within the time I needed, was a pleasure to learn with and really listened when problems arose and helped resolved them. Would highly recommend Caroline! Alice Wheeler.


posted on: 12 May 2017

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I have been an instructor for 20 years now! Can hardly believe it! My Dad was an instructor too so I guess Ive always been around this walk of life.

I have two children one is 28yrs the other 19yrs...feel soo old!! My son passed just recently so all the family now driving,job done!

Teaching is something I love,everyone is so different and this job gives you the huge variance of folk that keep you on your toes with your skills...I teach Dance too (something I have done all my life) its a passion you could say. However funnily enough its amazing what a crossover there is with similarities of approach. 

This is a new venture for me with automatics,I have always taught manual but hey a change is fun!

Look forward to meeting you,

Thanks for reading!


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