Instructor: Mark Garside

udrive driving instructor Mark Garside
  • LOCATIONS: Lincoln
  • WHO AM I: Driving instructor
  • CAR USED: Renault Clio
  • LOCAL TEL NUMBER: 01522 246005
  • EMAIL:

Learner: Dayna Starr

Pass Date: October 17

I got the pleasure of being Mark’s pupil for just over a year. He is an excellent instructor, was always very patient with me and made me feel at ease. When teaching he was always very thorough and let me re-word things or make up patterns in my head to allow me to learn the content the best way for me. Lovely guy overall and never had any issues, he pushed me to believe in myself and that helped me get my test passed. Allowed me to go over what I was weakest in and regularly ensured I wasn’t leaving other areas too long, always had all knowledge fresh and up-to-date.

posted on: 19 October 2017

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Learner: Alicia Waddington

Pass Date: October 17

Over the past 6 months I have taken driving lessons with Mark Garside, he was a brilliant instructor that provided myself with great knowledge and experience to make me a safe driver. I passed my test first time with only 4 minors which I would not of thought would have been possible 6 months ago as I had no experience on the roads! I was worried to start my driving lessons as I knew I wasn’t a natural driver but Mark helped with my nerves, worked with me and had a lot of patience which made me feel more comfortable. I have recommend Mark to many friends and family that now have Mark for lessons, he is not only a great instructor but he is also friendly, easy to talk and get along with. I would recommend him to anyone, couldn’t thank him enough for his patience and all he’s done for me.

posted on: 17 October 2017

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Learner: Joseph Beckett

Pass Date: July 2017

Mark is a great instructor, helps you with everything and makes you feel at ease about driving. Helped me pass and couldn't have done it without him, recommend to everyone.

posted on: 26 July 2017

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Learner: Vicki Lamming

Pass Date: June 2017

Mark is an excellent driving instructor, with a great attitude and patience. Mark goes the extra mile and more, to help with understanding and execution of different maneuvers, driving situations and skills needed to pass your test. Mark is friendly, chatty and easy to get on with. I struggled alot with nerves and driving on the duel carriageway. Mark did everything possible to put those worries to rest, in order for me to become a confident driver. Thank you again Mark!    


posted on: 20 June 2017

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Learner: Shannon Harrison

Pass Date: June 2017

I was a student of Mark's for over a year. Throughout this time period, he has supported my with my driving tremendously. His style of tutoring is excellent.    Mark always ensures that I am well aware of what's going to take place in my lessons with him, and I always feel like I can ask him questions, if I am unsure of what to do. Mark is very knowledgeable about driving, and I often found myself asking for his expertise in things 'driving-related.'   I personally sought out Mark. I wanted him to be my instructor, due to a review from a friend, and so I would definitely tell others that Mark Garside is a very reliable and a fantastic driving instructor.   Thank you, Mark, for all of the help you've given me, and thank you UDrive for your extra help.    I am very proud to say, that Mark helped me to pass first time.   Thanks again,


posted on: 13 June 2017

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Learner: Nicky Sherwood

Pass Date: July 2015

Would like to say a massive thank u to Mark Garside I passed my test today he has been great putting up with my moods and been very patient with me lol thanks again mark would definitely recommend

posted on: 16 July 2015

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Learner: Victoria

Pass Date: December 2013

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor! Incredibly patient, calm and supportive. As a latecomer to driving I never thought i'd learn to drive and was totally terrified at the thought of being behind the wheel but Mark was amazing and got me through. Because of him i enjoyed my driving lessons and passed my test, he's a brilliant teacher and i would highly recommend him. Huge thanks Mark!

posted on: 06 December 2013

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Learner: matthew wilson

Pass Date: May 2013

Mark,thankyou for my lessons,we had some great chats,already missing them,top bloke,very calm and takes you through every manoeuvre step by step,miss our laughs,wish i could have more lessons with you,If you want a calm bloke then pick mark garside,passed with 3 minors,     matthew wilson passed 19th MAY 2013

posted on: 15 May 2013

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Learner: Panni Nicola

Pass Date: Jan 13

Thank you so much to Mark Garside for being the best instructor! Passed first time this morning and wouldn't of been able to do it without mark! He's so patient and really easy to get a long with! I recommend him to anyone:) thanks again :)!!

posted on: 04 February 2013

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Learner: Daniel Perry

Pass Date: November 2012

Had my test yesterday with Mark, 5 minors and would like to give a huge thank you to him. Couldn't recommend him more. Very quick to crack on with learning, always felt comfortable and can always have a great laugh when the time's right. take care, and as always "better safe than fail". cheers and see you around bud :)

posted on: 09 November 2012

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I have been working for U Drive MSM since March 2008; I decided to join U Drive as Glyn was an inspiration to me having a young fresh, dedicated approach compared to other schools I had approached in Lincoln. I also graduated from University of Lincoln with a Marketing Degree and quickly obtained the position as Assistant Store Manager at Toys R Us in Lincoln after graduating. After a while I felt I needed a new challenge with, more money, as we all do!! So I became an ADI instructor and joined U Drive. I find the job very rewarding, meeting lots of new people and making new friends. U Drive has the professional approach of putting the needs of the driving students first which is a refreshing attitude compared to other Driving Schools that just want to take the money.

I have recently taken up indoor climbing and will be looking at doing my first outdoor free climb later in the year.

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