Instructor: Simon 'Yogi' Cullen

udrive driving instructor Simon 'Yogi' Cullen
  • LOCATIONS: Lincoln
  • WHO AM I: Driving Instructor
  • CAR USED: Volvo V40
  • LOCAL TEL NUMBER: 01522 246005
  • EMAIL:

Learner: Cait Harris

Pass Date: June 2017

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Simon got me through my test in only 6 weeks! If you are looking for a driving instructor and are a bit nervous ( like I was) about driving I 100% recommend him. The skills and tips he gives you are not only the best to pass the test, but help you with feeling comfortable and confident in a car afterwards. At an extremely good rate he really goes above and beyond to not only motivate you to pass your test and get driving, but to feel at ease whilst doing it. He has a bubbly, up-beat personality and no one could do the job better :)

posted on: 04 July 2017

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Learner: Sergio

Pass Date: April 2017

"When it comes to driving lessons, there's a lot of options, but Simon is the best of the lot. He recognised where I was with my ability to drive and pushed me to be the safest and best driver I could be. Simon engages you with respect, patience and keeps things very simple which inspires confidence on the road. Thank you for the lessons Simon; I truly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to learn the craft of driving!"


posted on: 11 April 2017

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Learner: Alicia

Pass Date: March 2017

There's only one person who I would recommend for anyone who wants to start driving and that's Simon! I started to learn to drive at the end of December and it's safe to say I was a nervous wreck on my first lesson. Simon instantly made me feel chilled out and at ease. Each lesson I enjoyed and definitely learnt something new! Simon knew exactly when I was ready for my test and pushed me to achieve my best. He's a great instructor and I wouldn't of been able to pass my test first time without him!

posted on: 04 April 2017

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Learner: Roisin

Pass Date: March 2017

"I could not have gotten through learning to drive and past my test without Simon! Such a great guy, patient, friendly (and sometimes even funny). As a stress head he kept my calm and level headed throughout my learning with clear directions, terrible singing and even worse dancing! I couldn't recommend him enough for anyone who wants to learn to drive and enjoy it while they're doing it. Simon is definitely the man!"

posted on: 14 March 2017

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Learner: Ryan Watkins

Pass Date: February 17

Left by Ryan's dad. .   "Simon, just wanted to pass a massive thank-you to you for getting Ry through his test. We came to you after a very poor instructor left Ryan stranded only a few days before his test. A concentrated session with you however built his confidence and ability and today he passed. Thanks again Simon !!!!!"


posted on: 01 March 2017

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Learner: James

Pass Date: February 17

I started having driving lessons again after almost 2 and a half years of no driving in December and whilst I could drive, there was still a lot to brush up on. After 5 or 6 lessons with Simon, I was good to go and ended up passing my test in February. He keeps things simple and enjoyable and when you're test ready, he won't hold you back. Top instructor with a great personality. I'd 100% recommend! Thanks Simon!


posted on: 16 February 2017

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Learner: Corie Morgan

Pass Date: January 2017

If there's anyone to teach you to drive it has to be Simon! Great driving instructor with a great personality making the lessons both successful and enjoyable! Having started driving lessons in December and passing today, it is obvious that he isn't interested in holding people back! 100% recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thanks Simon!

posted on: 18 January 2017

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Learner: Caitlin Puzey

Pass Date: January 2017

I started learning to drive with Simon in the first week of December 2016 and passed my test on the 10th January 2017. It's safe to say my driving skills weren't exactly good before we started lessons, however he was always patient with me and made our lessons fun, and more importantly kept my spirits up and wouldn't let me give up (even when i wanted to) - getting me passed in just over a month is something I thought was pretty much impossible! I will definitely miss our lessons, we were always having a laugh and I would 100% recommend him as a driving instructor!!

posted on: 12 January 2017

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Hello all,

Assuming you can all read, you will know my names Simon!

I use the latest teaching methods which are fully interactive, utilising iPads, smartphones and even dash cam replays on the iPad!

How did you come about training to be a driving instructor?

After several years of jumping between jobs and getting bored, I decided to amalgamate my love for teaching with my love for driving (and singing fantastically...) to work in one of the best industries. I completed my training with Jane Clarke, a former examiner who now works as an experienced independent instructor trainer.

What are your teaching methods like?

I'm very laid back and patient but will get you to work for your own success. We will have a laugh when one of us has cocked up (remember, the instructor is never wrong) and I will always adapt to your training needs.

What's your favourite chocolate?

Ooo, I do like Lindt chocolate but you canít beat a good bar of Cadburyís Wholenut...other chocolate bars are available.

What are your hobbies?

Iíve been in the Sea Cadets 17 years. Starting as a Junior Cadet all the way to becoming staff when I was 18 and baby faced. I am specialised as a Drill Instructor, that means I get to shout at people, which comes in handy as a stress reliever!

I love all types of music...literally all, from The Cheeky Girls (ish) to Fall Out Boy and everything in between.

Iím also a Wedding Photographer which is pretty cool as you get a lot of cake...

ONE BIG're not allowed to say sorry! Mistakes are common, you're learning!

So thatís me! I hope that we get to work together and I look forward to teaching you very soon!

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