udrive Driving Licence Information


udrive Driving Licence Information

Thank you for choosing U Drive for your driving lessons.

Before you start your driving lessons, your fully qualified driving instructor will need to see your provisional driving licence photo card aswel as your provisional driving licence summery. 


How to apply for a provisonal Licence.

Please Click the link and follow the instructions:



Why do i need to do this?


You need to print this off so your driving instructor can see there is no reason you can not take driving lessons.  If this is not produced on your first lesson, your instructor could refuse to take you out and you could still be charge. Please see are full terms and conditions by clicking here.


How do i do this?


Click this link https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

Follow the instructions, then go to share your licence information BETA. Click on View, Print or Save your licence information. Bring this as a digital or printed format for your first driving lesson. 





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