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udrive is one of only a few driving schools that show the current pass rate to prove how professional the driving school is compared to many others. udrive has nothing to hide.

As you are aware, not everyone will pass first time but all our driving instructors try their hardest to pass 1st time. As you can see by the figures below:

The overall pass rate comes from 5 different test centres:

The pass rate shows how many of our learners taking their driving tests are successful. The higher the percentage figure, the better the success rate.

The figure shown is calculated as an overall average from month to month.

udrive's pass rate is currently 20% better than the national pass rate so watch this page.

Overall U Drive figures obtained from: January 2010 - December 2015

1st time passes:      1290

2nd time passes:     447

3rd time passes:      101

4th time passes:      40

5th +time passes:     9

Total tests taken:     2418

Total tests passed:   1887

Overall Pass Rate 2010 - 2015: 79%

*udrive started recording pass rates from March 2010. The figures are taken from all U Drive instructors. U Drive msm can't be responsible for the figures the instructors give to U Drive and some instrcutors may not have informed U Drive of their figures. 

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