Driving lessons in Grantham wish you a Merry Christmas

When you buy driving lessons in Grantham, choose Udrivemsm as the school to deliver the best present Are you considering a gift of driving lessons in Grantham as a Christmas present for someone special in your life? If so Udrivemsm is the school of choice. For many pupils the first time behind the wheel is […]

Winter Driving Lessons in Grantham

Best tips for safe winter driving in Grantham Every winter there are loads of cars that are damaged and written off due to careless winter driving, causing injury and even death and not to mention pushing up the insurance premiums even further. All the instructors at UDrivemsm are experience in teaching the best and safest […]

Intensive Driving Lessons in Scunthorpe

Gain Confidence with Driving Lessons in Lincoln Want to learn to drive quickly? Choose intensive driving lessons in Scunthorpe. Not everyone has the time to take weekly driving lessons. Scunthorpe drivers are no different from those around the country – busy jobs, busy lives and limited time. That means that for many people, an intensive […]

Gain Confidence with Driving Lessons in Lincoln

Become a safe, confident driver when you pick the right driving lessons in Lincoln. If you’re looking for a driving instructor for your teenager, or you’ve decided it’s time you learned yourself, you want to find experienced, patient and friendly teachers for your driving lessons. Lincoln residents need to be able to drive on busy […]

Take That Competiton

Take That Promotion Win Take That tickets whilst learning to drive! U Drive has purchased 2 tickets for the Take-That Concert which was a total sell out within 24 hours of going on sale. These tickets will be used as a raffle for all U Drive learners from November 1st 2010 each month 10 people […]

Road Safety Tips & Driving Lessons Scunthorpe

Everyone knows that the top issue for new drivers is making sure that they are safe drives on our roads. Here are the top ten tips of what to watch out for on the roads. The roads around Britain are now busier than they have ever been. If you’ve booked driving lessons Scunthorpe you should […]

New Drivers Need More Care – Driving Lessons Lincoln

If you weren’t already aware of the fact, drivers who have just newly passed their driving test for the first time are more likely to have an accident in the first two years on the roads. It’s an exciting time for any young person, the freedom to own a car and drive anywhere they want […]

Driving lessons in Grantham

When you need driving lessons in Grantham, choose U drive msm as the school to teach you If you are about to learn to drive in the Grantham area choose U drive msm, they will teach you in a clear, calm and patient way. For many pupils the first time behind the wheel is exciting […]

When you take your test in Grantham does it pay to know your way about?

In recent years the government and the driving agencies have made passing your driving test much more difficult and here’s a brand new part of the practical test. From October 4th 2010 there will be a part of the test entitled ‘independent driving.’ This is a 10 minute section of the practical driving test whereby […]

Intensive Driving Lessons – Scunthorpe

Check out the intensive driving lessons that U Drive offer in Scunthorpe. We offer a package to suit everyone. Are you in a hurry to pass your driving test? Have you already had quite a few lessons in how to drive, but haven’t reached the stage you want to be at yet? Why not consider […]