Lincoln Offers Great Driving Instruction

When you live in Lincoln you’ll probably need to own your own car and drive on a daily basis. In recent years the government and the driving agencies have made passing your driving test much more difficult. It’s no longer a simple matter of driving, parking, reversing around a corner and completing hill starts, you […]

Delve into Driving Lessons Lincolnshire

Are you’re looking for a driving instructor? If you have specific needs how do you decide who to choose? There are thousands of driving instructors all over the UK from independent instructors, to large UK-wide firms, who each employ hundreds of instructors. Finding some driving lessons in Lincolnshire should be very easy as U Drive […]

Scunthorpe new instructor

U Drive likes to welcome Rick Carter to the team. Rick Carter is the newest driving instructors to join the ever popular driving school, U Drive msm. Rick will be covering the Scunthorpe area and since Monday 5th July U Drive has given him 2 new pupils and with plenty more marketing happening over the […]

Mini adventure day June 2010

Guiness Book of Records Attempt… The NEW MINI DAY Team will to try to break the record for the number of Mini’s in a convoy at one event, all Mini’s will line up around the 2.7 mile perimeter track for a World Record Attempt. Guiness Book of Records have acknowledged our intentions.. Also U Drive […]