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ADI Part 2 & 3 Rescue Work

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If you are struggling with your training or not happy with what you are receiving from your current trainer or just want some advice with no contractual agreement with UDrive, our instructor trainers are here to help.

UDrive wants the best for its Instructors, so UDrive has partnered with two very experienced and knowledgeable instructor trainers, both of our trainers are Ex DVSA Examiners who now offer high quality training for UDrive trainee Driving Instructors and also for those who currently are not getting the quality training they need from their current Driving School. This assistance is available through UDrive without any contractual obligation to UDrive msm.

The reason why people need their help:

Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) should be fairly straightforward, however statistics show otherwise. The National pass rate for Part 3 Instructional Test is particularly low at only 28%.

The reasons for this are:-

  • Poor or insufficient training given to ensure a pass for the candidate.
  • The candidate does not possess the relevant skills necessary to become an ADI and should be advised of this to minimize the unnecessary costs.

Effective Professional training is the key to success. Teaching someone to drive and teaching someone to become a driving instructor are two totally separate skills that require a different knowledge base and competencies. Many trainers (not all) do not possess the skills and experience necessary to effectively train others to become successful ADI’s. This ultimately makes the ADI qualification process a negative and stressful experience. If you recognize these symptoms contact UDrive now to obtain independent honest advice.

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