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udrive Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still get charged if I cancel a lesson?

If you don’t give 48 hour’s notice you will be charged for the lesson.

How do I book a theory test?

Please follow this links to book a Theory and Hazard Perception Test –

Please follow this link to Check, Change or Cancel your Theory Test –

How do I book a driving test?

Please follow this links to book a Practical Driving Test –

Please follow this link to Check, Change or Cancel your Practical driving Test –

Are the lessons shared with anyone else?

Lessons are not shared and are on a one 2 one basis.

Do I have to be collected and dropped off at the same place every week?

Pick up and drop off locations can be change if convent with the instructor. Please make your instructor aware ahead of time to get confirmation.

How do I pay for lessons?

Lessons can be paid via cash or check directly to the instructor. Alternatively, they can be paid by card over the phone at the U Drive office.

How much are driving lessons at U drive Msm?

Please click here to see our price list . . .

What do I need to take on my first lesson?

On your first lesson you will need to take you provisional license. If the instructor is unable to see your provisional license on your first lesson, it will have to be cancelled. You also need to take a print out or a digital image of your provisional driving license summery.

You can apply for your provisional license online at or you can pick up a D1 form from the post office.

To view your provisional driving license summery click this link and follow the instructions. Go to share your licence information BETA. Click on View, Print or Save your licence information. Bring this as a digital or printed format for your first driving lesson.

Can I learn to drive on a Motorway?

Those teaching a family member or a friend to drive will not be able to provide lessons on a motorway, unless the supervising passenger holds a valid approved driving instructor (ADI) licence. The vehicle used for training must also have dual controls fitted.

Motorway driving will not be included in the new 2017 driving test. It is in no way compulsory that learner drivers are taught on motorways and is voluntary on the part of the learner. If the learner would like motorway training, it is for the ADI to decide when they are ready.

Do you have any offers available on lessons?

Yes we do! Please take a look at our price list which includes all our offers. . . .

How can I book a lesson?

Please ring the U Drive office or fill out a contact form and someone will be in touch as soon as they can.

Can I start learning to drive before passing a theory exam?

Yes you can. However, you need to have passed your theory exam before you can book your practical driving test.

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