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Do you dream of being your own boss but worry about the risks involved with starting your own business? Becoming a driving instructor with a UDrive franchise might be the answer you are looking for. 

You do not need to be car crazy to become a driving instructor. If you enjoy driving and are interested in increasing your road knowledge and hone your skills, then training to be an ADI could be for you. We find that the most successful instructors are ones who match the skillset of a teacher; after all, instructing is essentially being a one-to-one teacher! The job requires you to be personable and to be able to adapt your approach to suit the individual personality of your pupil. You will need to be reliable, have good concentration, and be able to manage your time effectively. UDrive provides fantastic instructor training so that when you qualify you will be a top quality ADI. In no time at all you will find yourself able to give clear instructions and to confidently guide your pupils through the process of learning to drive.

A career as a driving instructor can provide the ideal work-life balance you long for, allowing you to choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle and family responsibilities. As the boss of your own franchise, you can choose to work full time or part time; working weekdays or weekends; day time or evenings; or any combination that suits you! This flexibility means you can always take on more or less work as your personal circumstances change. With other businesses there are a lot of hidden hours spent working, but with UDrive providing you with clients and handling the marketing, you get paid for every hour you spend working.

It is a hugely satisfying career choice; helping pupils achieve an independence like no other. Our pass rate at UDrive is exemplary, so your pupils will know they are receiving top tuition and will be behind that wheel alone before long. Instructors and pupils find they form close connections and even friendships due to the nature of having that one-to-one interaction. So if you are a people person and enjoy talking to people from every walk of life, you are likely to get a real buzz from teaching them to drive!

With low startup costs and the promise of a steady income, training to be a driving instructor with a UDrive franchise is a sensible choice for anyone looking to achieve their dream salary without compromising on life flexibility.