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Automatic Driving Lessons

Our locations and driving lesson prices

We offer automatic driving lessons in ten out of the twelve locations that we have instructors. Please select your city from the menu below to view prices and book.

    There’s so many reason to choose automatic driving lessons

    Here at UDrive we put just as much effort into our automatic driving lessons as we do our manual driving lessons. We have automatic instructors in 9 out of the 12 cities we cover. 

    The way forward across the UK and the world as a whole is clearly set out in terms of what the future holds for car manufacturers. Most car brands have now set a target date for electric vehicles to be solely produced without the option for petrol and diesel alternatives. With this in mind electric cars are by their nature automatic, the time has never been better to choose to learn to drive in an automatic car.

    Gone are the days when automatic cars were few and far between and were considered more expensive to buy, this is no longer the case and automatic transmission cars are now on par with manual cars.

    Here are just some of the reasons we believe you should choose us to learn to drive an automatic car:

    • Get your first 2 hour lesson at a reduced rate
    • Bulk buy discounts making your lessons even cheaper
    • Less hours need to get you to a high standard and pass the test due to automatic lesson
    • You get FREE access to a learner APP which allows to to view, book, pay and keep track of your lessons.
    • FREE access to our theory test suite were you can practice the entire 1000+ question bank, as well as a comprehensive number of the latest CGI hazard perception videos.

    Students learn much quicker in an automatic car, there’s no fuss over the gears at roundabout and hill starts, if you’ve now settled on the idea of automatic driving lessons like we are, click the button below to book now!

    This is what our pupils have to say about their lessons with us:

    78 reviews on
    Geoff Cook
    Geoff Cook
    20. March, 2024.
    Tried to contact they cover west Lindsey and near areas, save yourself a call it’s a automated message saying no coverage we live in west Lindsey not more than 8 miles from aledged location of company JOKE
    21. February, 2024.
    I really recommend Glyn as a driving instructor. I passed first time with him today, very grateful 🙏
    15. February, 2024.
    Glyn was brilliant, really great instructor and always a fun lesson with great feedback! Passed first time 💪💪
    Amber Katie Horstead
    Amber Katie Horstead
    6. February, 2024.
    passed my test today! glyn is the best instructor ever. makes me feel so confident and makes me laugh every time. couldn’t find a better person to teach me, and couldn’t have passed without him.
    Rebecca Horn
    Rebecca Horn
    24. January, 2024.
    I was a very nervous learner driver before I started lessons with Glyn. He is patient, empathetic, calm, and reassuring. He completely turned around my attitude towards driving and within a few months I have developed into a confident driver who has just passed their test first time. So happy and I would highly recommend UDrive msm!
    Abby M
    Abby M
    23. January, 2024.
    I had Glyn as my instructor and he was fabulous and managed to pass second time. He’s very patient and nice which makes the experience a lot better. The system is very easy to follow and great to keep track of your progress 🙂
    kate budden
    kate budden
    11. January, 2024.
    Passed my test with Micky in an automatic car. He was a brilliant instructor with great insight and experience.He was incredibly patient as I was quite a nervous driver having previously failed in a manual car years before. Would recommend to anyone looking for automatic instruction.
    Freddie Starkey
    Freddie Starkey
    7. January, 2024.
    I had lessons with Glyn for around 4 months. He was a fantastic instructor who gave me great knowledge and experience to be able to pass my driving test. As well as being a brilliant instructor I found the lessons I had with him very enjoyable. I would high recommend Glyn for anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable driving instructor.
    poonam sharma
    poonam sharma
    6. January, 2024.
    I feel blessed to have darryl as my driving instructor who has been very calm and friendly . I loved the way he built my confidance that i able to pass my test in first attempt. A huge thank you..
    16. November, 2023.
    Glyn helped me a lot through my lessons and helped me get through my test. Highly recommend.

    We have some amazing offers for you!

    Beginner Offer

    For those new to driving, we offer your first 2 hours in an automatic car at a reduced price, this allows you to make the most out of your first lesson. 

    Select your location above to view this offer. 

    10 Hours Block Book

    Students learning to drive in an automatic tend to pass their test with much less hours but we offer bulk discounts none the less.  

    Select your location above to view this offer. 

    Gift Vouchers 

    If you’re looking for lessons for a family member or friend we offer gifts vouchers. You can choose your own amount, you can choose to email or print the voucher.

    Click here to buy a gift voucher

    Questions that some of our previous learners have asked…

    No, you won’t need to have/use your own car. Our automatic instructors have their own tuition car which will have dual controls.

    Absolutely! We offer the same 10 hour blocking booking discount that we do for our manual lessons. 

    This discount allows you to reduce the cost of your lessons and considering you’re learning to drive an automatic which means you’ll most likely need much less lessons to pass the driving test, you’re on to a winner!

    That’s not a problem. Our instructor are happy to pick-up and drop off at other locations than just your home address. Many of our pupils are picked up from sixth form, college and uni and then dropped off at home.

    We recommend speaking to your instructor about this ahead of time as they’ll need to plan it based on their previous and next lesson. 

    Pick-up and drop off would need to still be within the instructors working area to allow them to get to their next lesson on time.

    Yes, the driving test is still the same and will contain all the same elements that it does on a manual test. This includes pulling up at the side of the road, moving away from behind a parked car, a manoeuvre, independent driving and the show me tell, tell me questions. 

    Unfortunately not, if you pass your driving test in an automatic car your driving licence will show that your are limited to drive automatics only.

    If you want to drive a manual car you would need to pass the manual driving test first. 

    You are welcome to change to manual lessons but it would most likely be with a different instructor and you may need to be put onto a waiting list for manual driving lessons if we don’t have any availability.