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Automatic Driving Lessons

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UDrive MSM offers automatic driving lessons to make driving that little less difficult. If you are struggling with gears or would like a less complicated route to passing your driving test, then automatic could be the way to go.

Please bare in mind that if you pass an automatic driving test you can only drive an automatic car. If you pass a manual driving test you have the option to drive either manual or automatic.

Here at UDrive we are seeing a change in learning drivers where more people want to do automatic lessons due to hybrid and electric cars being automatic transmission. If you did pass in an automatic, you can always do a manual test in the future to give you an option for driving a manual car. You would not need to retake a theory test, just a practical test again.

What to bring on your first lesson?…..
On your first lesson your instructor will ask to see your provisional driving licence and so if you could have this to hand that would be great.
If you wear glasses or contact lenses ensure you have them with you as your instructor will also ask you to read a number plate from 20 metres away.
If you haven’t paid for your lesson online or over the phone before your lesson you would need to either bring cash for the lesson amount or a debit/credit card, most of our instructors have mobile card machines in their car and if not you could always call the UDrive office where we can take the payment on your instructors behalf.

Provisional Licence
Before you start your driving lessons, your driving instructor will need to see your provisional driving licence photo card and your driving licence summary.
If you need to apply for a provisional licence, please visit.

Structured Lessons