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Disability Tuition

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Here at UDrive we want to offer everyone a chance to learn to drive. Since 2013 UDrive has given individuals with a range of disabilities the opportunity to learn to drive. We have had a huge amount of pupils achieve a full driving licence thinking it was impossible.

UDrive has adapted an automatic dual controlled car with various additional controls. Due to only having a limit on what controls we can offer Sarah can do the lessons in your own manual or automatic car.

UDrive instructors have attended National Centre for Rehabilitation Education, Mobility Driving Instruction and Special Educational Needs (SENs) courses and have adapted cars to ensure you have an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

UDrive is one of the only Lincolnshire based driving school to offer disability tuition. For your reassurance you will always learn with the same, fully qualified driving instructor.

Your chances of passing your Theory Test are enhanced with the web based learning tool that is available free of charge for all UDrive students and this will give you the best possible chance of passing in a timely manner allowing you to then move on by booking lessons to take you up to your practical test date.

Sarah Garrett, is our fully qualified disability driving instructor. Sarah was on a BBC3 Documentary (I’m Different let me Drive) in 2017 following the journey of pupils with disabilities learning to drive. Here at UDrive we were extremely proud of Sarah in this documentary as it highlights the struggle that pupils with a disability face when trying to achieve their driving licence.

If you are aged between 16 and 34, and in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component, you may be eligible for help towards the cost of driving lessons. So if you are turning 16 you can apply for a provisional licence, 3 months before your birthday by completing an on-line application at or by obtaining a D1 application form from your local Post Office. Please be aware the DVLA will advise you to have an assessment before being able to obtain a provisional licence.

Jeff Gosling Push/Pull Hand Controls with Indicator Switch
This adaptation allows the driver to control the accelerator and brake pedals through the hand control. The push/pull hand controls are used in conjunction with a left handed steering ball which means both hands are controlling the car. The indicator switch on the push/pull control enables the driver to effectively use the indicators without taking hands away from any of the controls.

Removable steering ball for Right or Left hand plus Right hand indicator Transfer Kit
This allows the driver to use either hand to steer with plus if using left handed indicator stalk with either their right hand or if required a combination of both left and right handed use.

Bekker Quick Release Handbrake System
Allows the driver to apply and release the handbrake easily with minimal effort, strength and coordination.

Left Footed Accelerator
Enables the car to be driven using just the left foot.