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Here at UDrive we pride ourselves in offering intensive courses that are very effective but also different from most other companies’ offerings.

Pass your test quickly with weekly 8 hour lessons

UDrive offers full-day intensive courses over a number of weeks depending upon the pupils’ requirement in getting to practical test standard. This method of teaching gives you time to reflect, practise and be fully charged for the next full day of lessons the following week. It is a quick and cost effective way to learn.

All courses are available Monday to Friday but if you require a course over the weekend please contact us. We will always accommodate pupils as best we can.

Dedicated Driving Instructors

The UDrive intensive course instructor is Brian, a grade ‘A’ driving instructor, who is in the process of becoming ORDIT Registered for instructor training. Brian’s previous job was as a Practical Driving Test DVSA Examiner, and he also has blue light training for the emergency services.  So you can be assured you are being taught by a very safe, experienced professional. 

*Please be wary of other companies advertising intensive courses – some have no idea about the quality of instructor you will get and in many instances the company can’t even find you an instructor, even after taking payment for a course! 

The Course Structure

We offer a 2 hour assessment lesson, to discover your current driving ability and your learning ability. From this, we can establish the number of lessons you will need to get to the UK test standard. Establishing your learning ability is key to assessing the number of lessons needed. 

Then we will jointly agree on the appropriate length of course needed. As guidance, the average for a total beginner is 5 day course. There is a full understanding between instructor and pupil that additional hours might be needed if you do not reach test standard in that time. 

An example of a typical 8 hour day

Session 1:

  • 8-10am
  • Break 10-10.30am
  • Session 2: 10.30-12.30
  • Lunch 12.30-1.15pm
  • Session 3: 1.15pm- 3.15pm
  • Break 3.15pm – 3.45pm
  • Session 4: 3.45pm – 5.45pm

2 Hour Assessment. 

The assessment lesson is always something we recommend to pupils . As it gives  ‘peace of mind’ you have chosen the correct number of lessons and not purchased more than you actually need. This also increases your confidence in knowing the course you have chosen and paid for is correct for you, therefore increasing the odds of passing your practical first time with the benefit of being a safer driver after passing your test. 

Cost: £80


This is a bespoke course if you have failed a driving test recently or been trained to a test standard by another driving instructor. You will need to be assessed and we will determine how many hours you need. UDrive pride ourselves on high standards and aim for you to pass for the first time with the knowledge and skills to be a safe driver.

Cost: from £462 – £1012 including test fee


If you feel you would benefit from a little extra tuition to get you ready to pass your driving test, for instance if you have failed recently and lost your confidence, then this intensive driving package is for you.

This course is 16 hours and broken down to 16 hours of training and 1 hour pre test lesson and 1 hour hire of a car for your driving test.

Cost: £962 Includes test fee


This package is designed for someone with driving experience and has the ability to pick up skills very quickly.

This course is 26 hours and broken down to 24 hours of training and 1 hour pre test lesson and 1 hour hire of a car for your driving test.

Cost: £1362 Includes test fee


If you are a natural at learning to drive with a desire to achieve your goal in becoming a safe driver for life.

This course is 34 hours and broken down to 32 hours of training and 1 hour pre test lesson and 1 hour hire of a car for your driving test.

Cost: £1762 includes test fee


This course is for people who have little or no experience but have confidence to take this new experience with a positive attitude. The driving test will be taken at the end of the course.

This course is 42 hours and broken down to 40 hours of training and 1 hour pre test lesson and 1 hour hire of a car for your driving test.

Cost: £2162 includes test fee


This Course is designed for total beginners that feel they need that little extra time to develop sufficient confidence to pass their test.

This course is 50 hours and broken down to 48 hours of training and 1 hour pre test lesson and 1 hour hire of a car for your driving test.

Cost: £2562 including test fee


UDrive prides itself on road safety and makes it a priority and not just focusing on passing the driving test. All courses are subject to increase or decrease in hours if the instructor feels necessary. This will be explained to you and is outlined in the terms and conditions. Your Instructor will talk to you about booking your driving test, if you already have one booked please let us know.

*Test fee is the Monday to Friday rate of £62 per test. If the test is on a Bank Holiday, Saturday or Sunday additional charge is applied from DVSA of £13 added to the course. 

Please read the terms and conditions in booking an intensive driving course.

Lincoln – Intensive Prices

  • First item on the list $20
  • Second item on the list $9
  • Third item on the list $32