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Female Instructors Needed

Women – we need you!

We have a high demand for female driving instructors and are currently recruiting!

You might imagine that to become a driving instructor, you need to have a particular interest in cars. This is simply not the case! We are not looking for petrolheads – as long as you are a good driver, and you are ready to learn how to teach others, that is all you need. 

Driving instructors require good people skills and strong concentration. You will need to provide clear instructions and have the ability to adapt your teaching methods according to an understanding of the pupil’s differing skill, confidence and experience levels. Great driving instructors share many qualities as great teachers, as that is what you are essentially doing; teaching driving. If teaching teenagers and adults appeals, then becoming a driving instructor should be a good fit for you.

This is a very male-dominated industry, which can be off-putting to some women, but in fact it can be a huge advantage for those considering it as a career choice. At UDrive, we assess our instructors with absolutely no bias based on gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. However, as the process of learning to drive is a very personal, one-on-one experience, some pupils request a female instructor. We try to match pupils to someone with whom they will feel most comfortable, which sometimes results in our female instructors having longer waiting lists. We are currently recruiting female driving instructors to keep up with this high demand.

Increasingly it is not the case, but traditionally women carried more responsibility than men when it came to raising children, which limited their career choices and earning potential. If you have a family and struggle to fit work around school runs and other responsibilities, becoming a driving instructor would be especially perfect for you. It is an extremely flexible job, and whether you wish to work full time or part time, you can choose the hours to suit yourself and your family. You choose when to start and finish your working day; whether you’d prefer to work daytimes or evenings only; which days suit you best. Our pupils obviously have lives of their own, and the time they have available to take lessons does not necessarily fit into the classic  Mon-Fri 9-5 framework!

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