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Example Procedure: 

When a new pupil books with U Drive, a confirmation will be sent by e-mail of the booking date and lesson time as well as the U Drives terms and conditions.

A COVID 19 risk assessment will be emailed at the same time.

The student must reply by e-mail, confirming they have received the risk assessment and have read it.

The student will receive a message from their instructor 24 hours before their lesson to check they are still COVID 19 symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms.

On the morning of the lesson the Student will receive another message from the instructor, confirming the status of the planned lesson.

Also, a reminder if the planned lesson is cancelled due to nonCOVID 19 issues.

This lesson will be charged in full as indicated in the U Drive, ‘Short notice cancelation policy in the U Drive Terms & Conditions

If a lesson is cancelled due to COVID 19 symptoms. There will be no charge and at least 7 days will have to elapse before a replacement lesson can take place.

Before the start of a lesson the instructor will sterilise with antibacterial wipes all previous student contact areas inside the car and apply hand gel.

Areas of the car to be disinfected are: –

o   Interior Mirrors

o   Handbrake

o   Seatbelt and Seatbelt lock

o   Steering wheel

o   Window wiper and Indicator leaver

o   Wipe down driving seat

o   Wipe down internal and external handles

o   If it is a new pupil and needs to travel in passenger seat, this seating area will be wiped down prior to entry.


·      If the weather is good, students will meet the Instructor outside the car at social distance 2m apart to go through a COVID 19 check list and to discuss the lesson. If the weather is bad and communication can’t be conducted outside the car then a phone call or video call to the student will be made prior to the lesson continuing.

·      This prelesson conversation is part of the students driving lesson time, as the conversation would normally take place in the car at the start of the 2-hour lesson. Due to social distancing rules, close proximity discussions must be kept to a minimum therefore take place outside and the driving will take place immediately after the discussion has concluded. The Instructor will then: –

The check list for the instructor to complete on each lesson:

Have you had symptoms in the last 7 days or been in contact with someone in the last 14 days

with Covid 19

Have you been tested for Covid 19

Do you feel in a good state of health & mind to start the lesson

Do you have any questions relating to the lesson

Have you wash your hands before leaving the house

Do you have your own face protective mask (Must be on before entering the car)

Do you wish to use deposable gloves (Must be on before entering the car)

Suitable clothing for the lesson covering as much as possible of the arms & legs

Pupil & Instructor to sanitise hands if gloves are not being used

Temp Check (if available)

De-Brief of the lesson will be on the Total Drive App or e-mail

All PPE has been placed in a deposable bag

Remember to wash your hands straight away once in your home or workplace

I required a new face mask and gloves will be worn by instructor for each new pupil.

Pupils must supply own masks for the lessons. If there is any reason a mask can’t be worn please speak to the instructor regarding this.

Some instructors will request a sample temperature test using a standard medical temperature heat gun.

Car windows will be left open during the lesson to keep the car well ventilated.

Air-conditioning will not be used as it can increase infection risk.

Throughout the lesson if you need to discuss a new topic this will be done outside the car. If the weather is bad the instructor may sit in the back of the car to increase the social distance.

 Remember many public toilets are not open.

If the instructor has had to take control of the steering wheel, handbrake or gear stick whilst teaching, these will all be wiped down as soon as possible with

antibacterial products. The instructor will also apply a fresh squeeze of hand gel to their hands.

The instructor will have disposal bag in the car for the used face masks, gloves and wipes.

Lessons notes must not be physically shared, the instructor will keep the record of the notes either on total drive app or in a note book

After the driving lesson it is advisable to wash your hands and to put on a clean set of clothing.

The Driving instructor might be outside your house after the lesson for a little while to sterilise the car so they can drive to the next pupil.

If you develop any COVID 19 symptoms up to 7 days after your driving lessons, please inform your driving instructor so they can self-isolate and inform their other pupils.