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This week the government have published that they going to look at the punishment for people who cause death by dangerous driving. Here at U Drive our driving instructors can be the only people to educate the learners when it comes to Driving. We try and coach the learners to understand the dangerous once they become independently and responsible for a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, some drivers new and old have ignored the fact that their actions are killing themselves and innocent people.

What is dangerous driving?

Its when a person is in control of a vehicle who is driving in a reckless manor,
Driving a vehicle been distracted by using a phone, MP3 player, sat nav or any other hand held device
Racing around the streets.

So what are they proposing to do?

creating a new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving with a maximum sentence of 3 year.
Increasing minimum driving bans of those convicted of causing death

I urge you to to and give your views on this topic to help prevent more innocent people from been victims.