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DVSA have published their digital strategy for 2018 – 2022. It sets out what they’re doing to become a more digitally enabled organisation.

As part of this they are transforming services during a driving and motorcycle test. This includes allowing the examiner to record directly onto a tablet rather than paper, by the end of the year.

The driving examiner is not there to supervise the learner driver during their test, they are there to observe and asses the learner driver’s skills. (That is regulation 16 of the Motor Vehicles Driving Licences Regulations 1999)

During the test the tablet screen will not be visible to the learner driver, and the rest of the tablets functions will be turned off.

However, driving instructors are not permitted to use tablets or a mobile device while the vehicles engine is switched on. It is the driving instructor’s responsibility to supervise a learner driver at all times.

For information on the DVSA Digital Strategy for 2018-2022, please visit their website: