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Are Graduated Licenses Closer than we think?

Following an intervention by the Prime Minister in response to a parliamentary question, the topic of a Graduated Driving Licence system (GDL) is back under discussion. It would seem that Parliament is likely to keep a close eye on the introduction and implementation of GDL in Northern Ireland.

Those plans are likely to include:

• Limiting the number of passengers new, young drivers could carry, other than family members, at certain times
• Setting a minimum learning period of six months before a driving test could be taken
• Mandating the display of ‘R’ plates for the first two years after the passing of driving tests.

GDL systems have been operating in other parts of the world and some include restrictions such as curfews, zero drink tolerance etc. There is some evidence to suggest lower levels of casualties during the GDL period, however, once the restrictions are lifted these show very little difference and are still a problem.

Do you think the GDL system would be a good idea?