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When you live in Lincoln you’ll probably need to own your own car and drive on a daily basis.

In recent years the government and the driving agencies have made passing your driving test much more difficult. It’s no longer a simple matter of driving, parking, reversing around a corner and completing hill starts, you must also have a good, solid understanding of road theory, as well as know how to find your way around a car. The driving test examiner will start the test by asking you a variety of technical and practical questions about the maintenance or dashboard controls of your car to make sure you know how it all works. Make sure you know your local roads because if you have driving lessons in Lincoln that’s also where you’ll sit your test.

Skid Control & Motorway Driving Lessons Lincoln

Having a few advanced driving lessons once you’re successfully passed your driving test is a great idea, especially if you’ve never driven on a dual-carriage way or motorway before. Advanced driving skills can help you react in unexpected traffic conditions that can ultimately save your life. If you’re already a qualified driver, you can opt to complete the Pass Plus assessment course which basically builds on the skills you’ve learnt while studying for your basic driving test. The Pass Plus covers motorway driving and driving in adverse weather conditions such as ice, snow, wind and heavy rain. You’ll also be shown how to drive safely at night, on quiet country lanes, and in very busy traffic.

Driving can be a Hoot – Study the Do’s and Don’ts of Driving

Alongside learning the practical skills of driving you should also start learning the requirements for your Theory Test. The theory test should be successfully passed before you sit your practical driving test, and of course everything that you learn will be useful to know while you’re actually driving. Understanding the meaning of road signs, road markings and the technicalities of a car is essential knowledge for a safe driver. You may think you know exactly what all the road signs you see when travelling, but there are some less commonly used signs that you might be asked about in the test. The theory test is made of approximately 44 multiple choice questions as well as a video risk

Dynamic & Dedicated – Driving Lessons in Lincoln

Book your driving lessons in Lincoln by emailing us at Contact or, alternatively, call us on 0800 6127 241 to book your driving lessons in Lincoln today. Here at U Drive we have a choice of male and female driving instructors who are all CRB checked and fully qualified. We offer lessons 7 days a week, with free pick up and drop off too.