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If you weren’t already aware of the fact, drivers who have just newly passed their driving test for the first time are more likely to have an accident in the first two years on the roads.

It’s an exciting time for any young person, the freedom to own a car and drive anywhere they want to. But caution must be used in the first two years since passing your test as young, new drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident than at any other time in their driving career. Book some driving lessons Lincoln to make sure you’re fully aware of all the safety aspects of driving on the roads of Britain.

Black & White, And Red All Over

The old joke about a newspaper being black & white but red all over can also be applied to driving. If you don’t adhere to the laws of the Highways then you risk being caught by the black & white police cars patrolling the roads, and if you are the embarrassment will turn you red, all over. Once you’ve thrown out your L plates, don’t just leapt straight into your car and see just how fast you can drive down a motorway, consider your future career too. For many jobs these days you need to prove that you have a valid, clean driving licence, so getting points slapped on straightaway won’t impress anyone.

Hit the Brakes & Avoid Collisions – Driving Lessons Lincoln

Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings need to be approached with extra care. Pedestrians don’t always wait until the lights turn green to indicate that they can cross, so beware as you approach and slow down in plenty of time. If you take your driving lessons Lincoln you’ll be familiar with the latest news reports about new drivers clocking up penalty points in their first two years of driving as if they’re medals. New drivers must remember that they are on probation for the first two years after passing their driving test and if they are given more than six penalty points they will lose their licence. This means you’ll have to replace your red L plates back onto your car and you will no longer be able to drive it unless an experienced driver sits in with you each time.

Driving Lessons Lincoln by UDrive MSM

There are several driving schools in Lincoln but if you want to take the edge in your driving test booking driving lessons Lincoln from UDrive MSM. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence in driving tuition and expert instruction in every areas of driving. Call us now on 0800 6127 241 to book your driving lessons Lincoln today or fill out a Contact Form