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Driving forward into a parking space and use of Satnav to be added to the driving test.

Reports in the media is looking like the UK Driving test is going to be changing. There have been trials in Lincoln with Andy Coward being the first ever driving instructor in Lincoln to let one of his pupils take part in the trails.

What will this mean to people learning to drive and taking a test? In the short term there is no changes and no dates have been published of when this may go ahead. Soon you will start seeing is leaners needing to be taught extra skills that weren’t mandatory in the current driving test. Most of these skills are already taught by U Drive instructors, but its just becoming mandatory.

You will see some of the current manoeuvres such as reverse around the corner scrapped and more realistic manoeuvres such as pulling up on the right hand side of the road. The use of Satnav will become part of everyday learning with your U Drive instructor. Pulling forward into a parking space then safely reversing out.

Another driving element that all U Drive pupils have to do a is a 10 minute independent drive this will change to 20 minutes, with some of the show me tell me questions asked on the move, for example cleaning the front windscreen.

These changes to make British drivers safer than they already are.

For more information, please visit the the DVSA website: