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Everyone knows that the top issue for new drivers is making sure that they are safe drives on our roads. Here are the top ten tips of what to watch out for on the roads.

The roads around Britain are now busier than they have ever been. If you’ve booked driving lessons Scunthorpe you should be aware that there’s a high incident of bad driving and crashes in the news. It’s not just cars using roads on a daily basis there are buses, coaches, vans, lorries, trucks and any number of other road vehicles to be aware of. Road safety is a major concern for the government in order to cut down on the amount of deaths on our roads every year. They have created several campaigns in order to highlight the specific areas in which safe driving techniques can be learned right from the start during your driving lessons Scunthorpe.

Check your Mirrors – Driving Lessons Scunthorpe

Using your mirrors correctly can dramatically improve your driving, especially in busy traffic such as towns or cities. Make sure you are aware of your blind spots though and check behind you for cyclists, or motorbikes when turning right, overtaking, or changing lanes. The government highlights that workers who commute into work each day can become complacent about their driving, for example using their phones, being tired or sleepy, or even touching up their hair and makeup while behind the wheel. You will learn how to use your mirrors effectively during your driving lessons Scunthorpe, so make sure they’re spotlessly clean before your lessons.

Don’t Drink & Drive, Check for Horses & Learn the Highway Code

Once you’ve settled into your driving lessons Scunthorpe and are happily practising all the technical manoeuvres like, reversing around a corner, parking behind another vehicle and your three point turns, take a moment to understand who else shares the road with you. Horses and their riders are particularly vulnerable on busy roads. Mounted police have highly trained horses specially selected for their temperament for the job of trotting the beat in busy cities, but in suburban areas horses may not be so used to cars. The noise, smell and speed of cars can frighten horses to the extent that they might throw their rider off by rearing unexpectedly. So slow right down to a walking pace and tale a very wide passing distance from the horse and rider.

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