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In recent years the government and the driving agencies have made passing your driving test much more difficult and here’s a brand new part of the practical test. From October 4th 2010 there will be a part of the test entitled ‘independent driving.’ This is a 10 minute section of the practical driving test whereby the candidate will have to drive independently by either following traffic signs or a series of short verbal directions supported by a diagram.

‘Independent Driving Lessons in Grantham

Could you follow a set of directions to a given point?

Do you realise that if you get lost or ‘go-off’ the driving route you won’t have failed unless you have committed a driving fault? It’s not a test of navigational skills after all. Independent driving is all about the candidate making their own decisions including following traffic signs and directions. All candidates can ask for a reminder of the directions at any time.

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You could follow the test routes that are published but does that really help you after you have passed the test….

Independent driving is designed to allow the examiner to assess the candidate’s ability to drive safely not to assess that they are familiar with a particular district or that they can follow a set of directions.

The examiners are experienced and prepared in dealing with candidates who have little or no English in addition to candidates who have special needs or disabilities.

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Udrivemsm instructors are already incorporating independent driving into their driving lessons in Grantham, they encourage pupils to familiarise themselves with traffic signs and signals and ensure that they have read the Highway Code practising safe driving skills.

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