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Most businesses have been affected by Covid 19 and the driving industry is no exception. Driving instructors have spent 8 out of the last 12 months not being able to teach due to lockdown and social distancing restrictions, which has resulted in a huge backlog of pupils who have been unable to have lessons or take tests.

Our U Drive instructors are looking forward to being able to get back out to deliver driving lessons in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, but when they do, pupils will have to be aware that they will be very busy.

We have pupils whose practical tests were cancelled due to lockdown, and a large number of pupils who were part way through the process of learning to drive and have had that process interrupted. With more teenagers turning 17 every day, our waiting lists have been increasing exponentially and it is going to be difficult to catch up.

When we restart teaching, priority will go to those pupils who are ready to take their practical tests, followed by those who have already passed their theory. After that will be the pupils who had already started lessons with us, followed by any new pupils.

Although we will be extremely busy, if you are intending to start driving lessons in the next 12 months, do not despair.

Contact U Drive and get yourself on our waiting list; we will get to you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing our pupils with the best service so we will be working hard to get back on top of the waiting lists. All driving schools in Lincoln and across the country will be in the same position, so unfortunately there are no shortcuts to starting lessons, and you will just have to be patient. In the meantime we can offer advice on how to get started on your own.

If you use your time wisely, you can study for your theory test and get to a point where you are confident to pass. It is important to make sure you have studied hard though, because you want to be able to pass your theory at your first attempt. Not only will passing first time save you money, but it will save precious time as well. As there are currently delays on all tests, waiting for a second test slot will cost you still more time.

Remember that your theory test pass certificate is valid for 2 years, and if it has expired during lockdown it will not be extended, so you may need to retake it. 

With a valid theory certificate, you can book a practical test, but because of the backlog on practical tests, it is more important than ever not to waste the opportunity when it is your turn. Talk to your driving instructor about the standard that is required to pass. Our driving instructors at U Drive have a very high pass rate as we are committed to producing safe drivers. If you take a test before you are ready, ‘just to have a go’, you risk failing and therefore potentially having to wait 6-8 months for another attempt. This will also cost you more in terms of lessons and test fees.

Make sure you are fully prepared; invest in extra lessons before your first attempt at your test to be confident that you are ready. If you suffer from nerves, plan how to deal with them, think about coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques. 

Driving is a skill for life, there are no shortcuts. The driving training industry has been heavily disrupted over the past year and it will take a while to recover. Please bear with us, we will all work hard to help you achieve your dream of freedom and a full licence, but there are only so many  driving lessons available per day, and only so many test slots for us to use.

U Drive will be doing all we can to get you behind the wheel as soon as possible, but patience will be required as the overriding goal is always to keep everyone safe on the roads.