Terms and Conditions:

This Terms & Condition’s Agreement is a binding legal document. If you do not understand the nature of the agreement then it is recommended that you take legal advice before signing.

Driving Lessons
This Agreement is made between the Student and U Drive Franchisee (the U Drive Instructor) and as such is a legal document so should be carefully read and understood by the Student prior to paying for the first lesson.

1. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for a lesson cancellation.

2. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice the full lesson price is payable. The full lesson price must also be payed if you fail to attend a previously booked lesson.

2a. If paying for driving lessons as a pay as you go basis, after the first lesson all future lessons will need to have a lesson in credit. If you want to stop the lessons with you’re driving instructor, they will refund with the amount you have in credit. Please remember a full lesson price will be charged if 48 hours’ notice isn’t given.

3. If a lesson is cancelled by your instructor, the instructor will rearrange a replacement lesson that suits both parties. There is no compensation if an instructor has to cancel a lesson.

4. In the event that your Driving Instructor is late due to unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic congestion etc, where possible the instructor will add the delayed time on to the end of the current lesson. If this is not possible then the delayed time will be added onto a future lesson, with the Students agreement.

5. The instructor will pick the Student up for their lesson at an agreed location and time. If the pupil doesn’t show at this location after 15 minutes the lesson will be cancelled and charged for unless the instructor has been prior informed of the delay.

6. The use of mobile phones during lessons is prohibited and will be turned onto silent mode for the duration of the lesson to avoid unnecessary distractions. Your Driving Instructor also agrees not to use their phone whilst teaching, unless an urgent call is required or a call has been agreed at the beginning of the lesson. This rule also applies to the use of hands-free devices by both parties.

7. U Drive instructors will only teach on a one-to-one basis unless the pupil has asked to have someone accompany them and the instructor is in agreement. In this instance the extra person must be seated in the back of the car and their presence must not be a detriment to the lesson.

8. Advertised Pass Rates are calculated from the total tests taken and passed 1st or 2nd time from all U Drive instructors, as a consequence these can change over time without prior warning.

9. Lesson prices shown on the website can be changed at any time with no prior warning. Students already taking U-Drive lessons will be given 1 month’s notice of a price change.

10. The ‘Beginner Offer’ is for total beginners that have no prior driving experience. The offer price includes a free lesson.

11. Non beginner offers is the first 2 hours for £45 to evaluate the students driving capability and for the student approximately how many lessons needed to obtain test standard. This is an estimate for guidance only.

12. Bulk buy offers are valid for 6 Months. The offer is Void after 6 months. 12a Once the bulk the buy has been used it can’t be transferable between instrcutors and can’t be refunded.

12b If you are paying for lesson via a bulk buy method, the new bulk buy will have to be purchased on the penultimate lesson of the bulk buy. This will make sure you have lessons in credit. If you want to stop lessons with the instructor please advise on the Penultimate lesson so the instructor can fill you diary slot.

13. Driving under the influence of drink and drugs is illegal and strictly forbidden. If it is suspected that you may be under the influence of drink or drugs (this may also include certain subscription drugs) the lesson will be stopped and you will be charged the full price for that lesson. It is normally the morning after the night before that people get caught out, so please consider this if you have an early morning lesson.

14. If your test is cancelled due to DVSA Examiner illness, you may be entitled to compensation from the DVSA for the test hour U Drive car hire charge. The lesson before the test will not be be refunded by the DVSA and cannot be refunded by U Drive. Your test will be rearranged by the DVSA automatically and you will receive confirmation from the DVSA in the post.

15. If your test is cancelled due to bad weather or poor light there is no compensation from the DVSA. The DVSA will however, automatically re-arrange the test, free of charge. The Lesson before the test will still be charged for.

16. On the day of your test a minimum of a one and a half hour lesson is mandatory to ensure final preparations can be made for your test. In addition to this there is also a one hour charge for the use of your Instructor’s car for the test its self. If you desire a longer pre-test lesson, this of course can be arranged.

17. Pre paid lessons are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. (to conform with term 12)

18. If you are unhappy with your U Drive MSM Driving Instructor, or you have any comments or complaints, please inform U Drive MSM via email at or call the U Drive Call Centre and we will address the issue as quickly as possible.

19. You may receive a feedback form via post or email from U Drive msm whilst learning or sometimes after you have passed. This is to monitor our service to ensure pupils are receiving or did receive the highest standard of tuition as well as ensuring all our U Drive Instructors are maintaining the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) guidelines.

20. All U Drive driving instructors teach to the DVSA guidelines as set out by the DVSA, these can be found on the DVSA website:

21. For the purpose of ‘The Data Protection Act 1998’ any information you provide to U Drive MSM Ltd. will only be used for U Drive administration purposes and where prior agreement has been approved for marketing purposes associated with U Drive MSM Ltd., we may send you information about us or promotional material from time to time, however, if you wish to be removed from our mailing list then please inform us by e-mail and we will remove your data from our marketing.

22. All U Drive msm Ltd instructors’ have Pupil Liability Insurance in place as this is a contractual requirement.

23. U Drive msm ltd cannot be made responsible for any actions of the driving instructor whilst teaching or none teaching.

24. U Drive msm Ltd cannot be made responsible for any independent agreement made between you and your instructor.

25. U Drive cannot be held responsible for monetary transactions between you and the instructor.

26. You receive a free 1 hour lesson if you recommend a friend that starts lessons with your instructor, the free 1 hour lesson will be given once the friend has done 10 hours. To claim the free hour you have to do book a 2 hour lesson and pay for only 1 hour as you get the second hour fee. If the new friend uses a different instructor a free lesson can not be given.

27 Any lessons purchased by an organisation direct with U Drive via cash or credit / debit card will not include VAT.

28 Lesson purchased direct with the Instructor does not include VAT in the lesson prices unless the instructor is VAT registered.

29 Gift vouchers purchased online via Pay Pal will have a 3% charge which will be displayed on the bill as postage and packaging.

29a Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase date.

29b If a gift vouher or lessons that are purchased over the phone are free for a debit cardbut a fee will be added if paying by credit cards. Please contact U Drive msm for the fee amount.

30 A cash refund for gift vouchers can be given up to 28 days from date of purchase after 28 days no refund will be given.

30a If U Drive book a theory test or Pratical test a £3 fee is added to the test price. This is to cover adminstration costs.

31 Intensive Course content may vary depending upon the client’s needs or instructor’s recommendations. This is in the client’s interest and can be changed at any time by the instructor. The course start and test dates will be agreed on booking but the tuition times will be agreed between the pupil and the instructor.

32 intensive course: 50% of the total course cost is required as a deposit and is non-refundable. The final balance once half of the lesson have been completed or 2 weeks prior to the driving test date. Should a client require a formal invoice please request this on booking. No other refund of monies paid will be given unless 21 clear working days notice has been given. Any cheques returned to us unpaid will result in a £10 charge per cheque which the Company is charged by its bank. Payments made by credit card will also accrue a 3% administration charge.

33 Test fees cannot be refunded. The Company cannot be held responsible for cancellation of a test due to unforeseen circumstances. Should you wish to change the dates of your course following payment this will incur a charge.

34 A valid provisional potocard driving licence must be presented at the start of your course, aswel as your provisional driving information. You must bring these to your first driving lesson. Failure to do so could result in the driving instructor refusing to teach the lesson and you could still be charged. If you have any motor/convictions or disabilities it is vital that you inform us at the outset as this may affect your ability to take your test which could result in you being unable to recover your test fee.