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UDrive Franchise Benefits

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Why join the UDrive family?

Whether you are embarking on a new career as a driving instructor, or you already have many years of experience, joining the UDrive team will transform your earning potential. 

Established in 2004, UDrive has gained the corporate image to place us alongside the national schools in terms of marketing capabilities, but as a family business, we have retained the personable feel of the smaller local schools. 

UDrive combines the very best aspects of both these types of company, meaning we can offer the most affordable franchise fees with the greatest benefits to our instructors. 

We ensure you are able to maintain a full diary to maximise your time spent teaching, which is then reflected in your annual earnings.

Our excellent reputation allows us to charge a high lesson price, which our pupils are happy with, knowing the standard of service we provide. Each £1 extra per hour that we charge over our competitors, results in an extra £1,500 a year for our instructors. We are currently charging £3 per hour more than our direct competitors, meaning our franchisees bring home an additional £4,500 each year.

Below is a list of benefits you will receive with your UDrive franchise:

  • Your own UDrive website
  • A page on the main UDrive website
  • High lesson prices to give you maximum earnings compared to other driving schools   
  • Unlimited pupils provided
  • Monthly rolling UDrive agreement 
  • 3 weeks free franchise per calendar year
  • Personal website with your prices and working hours advertised
  • Profile page on the main UDrive website, so new and old clients can find you
  • Personal review section to help increase your enquiries
  • UDrive Business Google profile 
  • UDrive personal advert campaign to keep you diary full
  • £150 work clothing of your choice
  • Personal business cards
  • Roof box
  • Car graphics
  • Umbrella
  • Shared online diary 
  • Discounted card payment system 
  • Free total drive app 
  • Free theory software for your pupils
  • UDrive visual teaching system
  • UDrive online pupil resources area, including quizzes (Videos coming soon)
  • Bespoke pupil reflective log books
  • News emails with the latest changes within the industry
  • Social events with other UDrive instructors